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Better - Friendlier

We are delighted as the Green lifestyle is becoming more prevalent day by day. And Re.socks is proud to join you in bringing many more "Green footprints" to our shared home.


Why is Re.socks beloved?

Recycled Polyester Fibers

Re.socks pairs that meet the global GRS recycled standard, ensuring carefree Green steps.

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Bamboo Fibers

Re.socks' bamboo fiber socks offer superior moisture-wicking and odor-reducing capabilities, ensuring a comfortable feeling throughout the day.

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Thank you for accompanying us...

After more than a decade of operation in the textile industry, we realized that focusing solely on researching sustainable raw materials was not enough. To truly make a difference in lifestyle, there needed to be products that were familiar, intimate, and regularly used in daily life.

That’s why in 2020, we introduced Re.socks, a brand specializing in producing socks from eco-friendly fabric sources. The message that Re.socks aims to convey is that fashion should not only be beautiful but also safeguard the health of users, nature, and the environment.

Together, let’s create many Green footsteps!


Together, let's protect the environment as well as ourselves, starting from small actions right now. Share your moments with Re.socks through the hashtag #resocksvietnam.