Re.socks always appreciates the beauty in Vietnamese culture and earnestly wants to show those cultural values ​​on socks so that every step on the journey ahead is associated with national love. The Country Collection includes 5 pairs: To Tuong Black and White, Suon Se, Boi Thu, Tat Thang. Each pair of socks in this collection shows a unique beauty in Vietnamese culture.

To Tuong Black/White:

Inspired by the image of the Sun in Vietnamese folklore, associated with energy full of vitality, faith, and brilliance. The Sun is the energy source for new beginnings and the strength to overcome any challenge. Moreover, the image of the Sun also appears in the Dong Son bronze drum – representing the Dong Son culture of the ancient Vietnamese. Besides, the Sun’s meaning in Vietnamese is protection and warmth.

to tuong di choi

Suon Se:

Inspired by the game “O an quan” associated with the childhood of many Vietnamese, “Suon Se” combines the closeness of the Vietnamese spiritual lifestyle with fresh and modern colors. Besides, Re.socks wishes, through the product, to send you peace, every move we make in the long and wide journey is carefully considered, leading to good results.

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Boi Thu:

Inspired by the image of rice fields in the harvest season, it also shows pride in the beauty of the Vietnamese for generations.
Re.socks is always grateful and appreciates the hard work of Vietnamese farmers, with the desire for a fulfilled harvest.

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Tat Thang:

Inspired by the game “Rocks-Papers-Scissors”
Not just a game of winning and losing, the process of playing “success” reminds us of a life lesson: victory is not arrogant, defeat is not discouraged, and calm judgment when making decisions. Red, blue and white are the three colours Re.socks chose to convey this meaningful message.

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Hopefully, with positive meanings in every pair of socks in Dat nuoc collection, Re.socks are proud to be a companion with you in every step of your journey.