3 pairs crew basic socks- “Tái xinh” collection

  • Soft, breathable, light
  • Crew socks designs
  • Material Spun Recycle Melange
  • Good elasticity x2 times compared to Cotton
  • Suitable for wearing in various activities and styles
  • Special offer when buying Box 3 pairs of Rebirth collection socks for 119,000 VND. Place order via E-commerce site
  • Currently, Re.socks distributes products through e-commerce channels. The delivery & return policy will depend on each platform.
  • Wash at a temperature below 40 degrees C
  • Iron/iron at temperatures below 150 degrees C
  • Machine washable

Recycle yarn

Better- Friendlier

Socks are padded with Recycle Spun Melange yarn using disposable plastic bottles. The closed production process meets the GRS standard – certified for global recycling- to minimize environmental damage.


Fit- Breathable

Socks are woven with a knit technique for a breathable experience, and the non-slip elastic waistband keeps you comfortable all day long.

Protective & Sustainable

Friendly packaging

Following our motto, we always want to minimize trash to the environment. Packaging is functional and able to recycle.