SASA was established in 2018, with the desire to inspire love of the sea through practical activities of the group such as cleaning up marine debris, rescuing marine life, and planting coral in the waters of Da Nang.

Appreciate the persistent efforts of SASA – Marine Life Rescue Center, Re.socks has accompanied SASA in the campaign: “Ocean cleanup, from green steps” taking place from March 13 to 20. 2022. In which, 50% of the revenue in the campaign will be used to contribute to the SASA fund – accompanying the Center in its efforts to save marine life and make the ocean cleaner.

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Results of fundraising activities to support SASA

After 1 week of the campaign to clean the sea from green footsteps and sell socks to raise funds, Re.socks is very happy that the program has been very successful thanks to everyone’s support and interest
There were 1,037 pairs of socks sold. Re.socks has deposited 50% of the campaign’s revenue in the amount of VND 25,612,000 (Twenty-five million one hundred and eighty-six thousand VND) to the SASA fund to help maintain the following jobs:
– Rescue marine life in distress, and regenerate corals.
– Maintain the operation of the conservation centre.
– Improving the living environment of sea creatures, removing ghost nets.
– Rebuild the number of some important species such as cone snail, lobster…

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Re.socks hopes to contribute to accompanying humanistic organizations for the environment and people, creating projects and campaigns that bring good values ​​to this Earth.