How to eliminate dirt and pungent odor from socks?

If you are struggling with cleaning and taking care of your socks, here are some tips you can apply to eliminate dirt and pungent odor.

Useful tips to help clean your socks effectively

– Use the right amount of powder or detergent and dilute it when washing socks.

– Color grading socks before washing to avoid color fading

– Use washing machine: Use a washing bag, with a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, dry at medium temperature

– Use hands: dilute soap with water, soak for 15 minutes to remove stains, hand wash gently, and avoid vigorous rubbing so as not to ruffle socks.

– Wash regularly to ensure hygiene and not smell

– Hang in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight

– Keep clothes with metal buckles or things that can scratch your socks.

– Sprinkle a little baking soda or fragrance on socks after cleaning to eliminate molds.